Top 5 Reasons Beauty Pro’s should join Canvas Recruit

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Dear Beauty Pro:

Remember all of those awesome opportunities that you wished you had known about? Backstage, Travel, Photoshoots, mentorships even a cool full-time opportunity?

Canvas Recruit was created to empower beauty pros to take charge of their careers. No longer is it about who you know – get considered and be in the know of all opportunities. Create your Digital Canvas and slay.

1. The digital portfolio

Just like business professionals have LinkedIn, you beauty pro, now have Canvas Recruit. Create a beautiful digital portfolio. Use it to network with people and collaborate. …And Yes, it syncs to your Insta page unless you don’t want it to. Copy your profile URL and share with the world.

Canvas Recruit Portfolio

2. The Side hustle – Backstage, mentorships and beyond

Ever wanted to work behind the scenes on a photo shoot, or backstage at an event, but don’t know how to even be considered for those opportunities? Well, we are hosting them on Canvas Recruit right now. …and you can apply by simply using your Canvas.

Some examples of these:

Redken Photoshoot

Shadow J Ladner during his Unicorn Magic Hair Tour

A day of mentorship with Jay Wesley Olson

Mentorship beauty opportunity with Canvas Recruit


Ever attend an event, meet someone cool and want to show them your work? Well, create your canvas and send them the link.

4. Love Traveling? Are you Moving? Cool, we got your back
The traveling beauty pro is becoming more and more common these days. Find chair rental opportunities across the US. We have some beauty pro’s that go from NY to LA at different times of the year. Rock on.

5. Find full-time job opportunities
Not vibe’ ing well with your current place of work or looking for new growth opportunities? Find full-time opportunities and send them your digital Canvas to apply.

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