My Journey: Transforming your old beliefs into benefits.

My Journey: Transforming your old beliefs into benefits.
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In my last post, I wrote about how Bonnie Bonadeo pushed me to unlock old thoughts/beliefs and insecurities and write them down in the form of 3 life-defining moments before the age of 14. If you haven’t read up on that you can read it here.

As a refresher, here were my three life-defining moments:

1. I was abandoned.
2. I was annoying.
3. I wasn’t good enough.

Here is how I transformed these moments or beliefs into current day benefits and new beliefs:

1. I was abandoned – transformed into the adult that is reliable, strong and self-motivated. I show up for people and do whatever it takes not to let them down. I later learned more about the power of saying “no” and the importance of self-love which I’ll get into in a later post.

2. I was annoying – transformed into I am in tune and aware of other people’s feelings.

3.  I wasn’t good enough- transformed into someone that shoots for the stars – even if it’s hard. Someone that isn’t afraid to put in the work to make things the best they can be – an overachiever in every way.

Once I rephrased these statements on paper a complete energetic shift occurred. Instead of feeling sad for myself or imprisoned by these old beliefs I was completely empowered by them. A huge sense of gratitude came over – I instantly felt happier and appreciative of all that I had faced as a child. I felt more confident and at ease with myself.

Not only that but I was able to uncover other people’s childhood beliefs just by observing their behavior. This made me feel like a master yogi as I dug deeper into people’s negative energies and emotions. If someone lashed out at work rather than getting emotionally triggered by them, I would sit and think, “wow, this person must feel really inadequate and lashing out is a fear response.”  Instead of getting snippy back, I was able to have a sense of compassion and understanding and stay in my peace – complete mindset shift.

Over the next few weeks, I called everyone I knew and asked them to participate in this exercise. Every person I talked to was just as excited as I was to feel the energetic shift from negative experiences to an empowered mindset.

This exercise had me craving more of this type of content. I searched everywhere for it which is when I came across American Spa Magazine’s Women in Wellness Leadership Conference. I had that same burning desire to attend and this time I didn’t second guess my gut. I went to the website and signed right up.

As I arrived at the event, I was already excited and ready for more information and major transformation. It is there that I saw Jen Groover speak for the first time. Jen Groover has many accolades – way too many to list here – but what she spoke about that day vibrated throughout my core and I knew I needed to somehow align myself with her. Jen spoke about her life-defining moments and how she achieved great success because of them. She spoke about closing the gap between the life you live and the life you love! She spoke about a mindset that attracts more abundance in life. I quickly followed her on all social media outlets – I wanted more of what she was talking about.

A few days after the event I was sitting in my office at the company I was working for and I came across one of Jen’s posts. Her post was about joining a four week More Method Challenge – A four-week journey where Groover would strip you of old beliefs and establish new ones. A four-week journey of guaranteed transformation. As I saw this post the VP of sales and three others entered my office unannounced. They started to talk about a situation that needed attention. I glanced up and also saw a line forming outside of my door. All of this felt as though it was moving in slow motion, everyone’s words sounded like the teacher from the Charlie Brown movies. All I could focus on is getting more information on Jen’s class – my gut was talking, and I was listening. As I multitasked and listened to my co-workers in my office, I clicked away at Jen’s post to get more info. Once I clicked, I noticed it was a form. At that moment I realized that it was a form and only a select few were chosen to attend the class – crap. I have to get in, I thought. I completed the form as fast as I could while trying to listen to what my co-workers were telling me.

A few days went by before I received a message on LinkedIn from Jen Groover. It said that I was chosen for her MORE method 4-week program! She was trying to email me but when she didn’t receive a response from me she reached out via LinkedIn – I then realized that I had filled out the form so quickly that I didn’t type my email address correctly :/.  Jen’s message to me both excited and scared me at the same time. I thought, what am I going to have to face or uncover for a complete transformation? The fear came over so intensely that I couldn’t even reply to her that moment. I revisited later that night when I spoke to my husband about it. It still took me three days before I replied to Jen with a “YES! I am ready for my transformation.” And that was the beginning of the new me, my new mindset and my new life.

Things that clicked for me at this time:

I know, I know, I said this in my last post, but I can recall so many moments when I ignored my gut feeling. It was as if my life-defining moments as a child created this adult that was unsure of herself. An adult that didn’t trust her own intuition. Here I had a successful career and beautiful family – not ever realizing that I was doing this to myself. Following my gut and attending Bonnie’s event and the series of events that followed were magical moments for me. I’ve learned to always listen to that little voice – it may seem like it’s for something so small like attending an event or giving someone a call or even saying hi to a stranger… but I assure you it’s a very significant piece of a very big puzzle. Attending Bonnie’s event changed the entire trajectory of my life.

B.  Change your mindset and everything around you changes.
For years I had been carrying around this baggage – I am annoying, I am abandoned, and I am not good enough. This was the negative vibration I was bringing to every interaction without even knowing it. I would notice how my husband and I would go to dinner with other couples. Being a natural marketer, I would tell stories in my exciting, funny and dramatic way – we would all laugh and have fun. Every time – and I mean every time we left – EVERYONE talked about how amazing and funny my husband Matt is! Don’t get me wrong, I love that everyone loves my husband – and he IS funny, but I was having trouble understanding why I didn’t have that same impact on people. I had trouble understanding this until I realized that it was all in my energy. Energetically my vibe was not in true alignment – I was carrying around these feelings and thoughts of not being good enough and therefore without even knowing it, I was energetically giving off that vibe. Once I recognized this, I started to shift my mindset about EVERYTHING I had ever thought about! Once I shifted my mindset crazy things started happening.


Turn your life-defining moments into benefits. What are your “benefits”?

Check out my next blog post – My Journey: Be careful what you think about. Detoxing of all things negative.


Jen Martinelli,

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I was 35 years old, on my second home with my handsome loving husband and two small, beautiful kids. I had a pretty active social life and close, loving friends. I had worked my way up as a marketing director and head of education for a well-known company in the beauty space. This all sounds amazing, so, what is the problem? I had old built-up insecurities, low self-esteem and a feeling of being unsuccessful despite my prestigious role with my then current company; I felt like while I was giving my all at my workplace and making a visible impact, I was feeling underappreciated, overlooked and disempowered.

 I was in a place in my life where, while everything seemed ok, they actually weren’t. I was living in a world of routine and wishes; wake up, drop kids at school, work, pick kids up, home, cook, homework, clean, showers, send more emails, bed; wishing for more financial freedom, wishing for more time with my family and wishing for a deeper sense of fulfillment. It was then that I started digging for more and started the journey that forever changed our lives. The journey included digging deep into my emotional past, changing my mindset, and jumping into the world of emotional intelligence. This journey completely changed the trajectory of my life and I am forever grateful. My hope, through my story, is to inspire you to transform yours.


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