Live Out The Career Of Your Dreams

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Live out the career of your dreams by leveraging your Canvas Portfolio! Whether your applying for mentorship opportunities, backstage or fulltime opportunities we are here to help you make the most of your new digital footprint. After working closely with our members over last few months we understand what makes a portfolio stand out. Implement the below tips and you will instrantly become more markatable…promise.

Ways to enhance your Canvas Portfolio:

1. Upload Video.

Video is a great way to connect with an audience in a digital way. Talk to what brought you to the beauty space; what you look to accomplish; or even demonstrate a technique- then upload it right to your Canvas Portfolio. – the most important thing is that you are authentic and forming a real connection. AND the best part is that it doesn’t have to be overly produced – whip out your iPhone and hit record.

2. Write your bio.

Spend a few moments to write down 4 or 5 sentences talking to your journey in beauty and how you will change people’s lives!

3. Sync your Instagram.

Enter your @handle in the Instagram field of your portfolio and we will sync the last 12 photos of your Instagram right to your Canvas Portfolio. No need to double upload. Your Canvas Portfolio will ALWAYS showcase your latest work. * your profile must be public for this to work.

4. Upload Imagery – Cover image

In this creative world of beauty imagery is everything! Make sure to creatively express yourself and get uploading! No photos of your work just yet? no worries – head over to and grab an abstract photo that speaks to you and your personality. Use a stock image until you work towards a beautiful image of your own.

What can you do once you have your portfolio?

1. Share your link with the world!

Copy and paste your unique URL and share it with local business owners, artists etc. You can include it in your Instagram bio or even put it on a business card. Share it everywhere and celebrate your hard work!

2. Browse opportunities

Now that you have your Canvas Portfolio you can browse Canvas Recruit Opportunities. This isn’t what you think – while we have full-time opportunities we are really passionate about all career enhancing opportunities. That means we are constantly posting mentorship opportunities with super local influencers, backstage, educator and other mega opportunities that can enhance your career and your network. So if you’re a student all the way through a seasoned artist there are tons of opportunities for you on Canvas Recruit.

3. Update your portfolio

Make sure your portfolio is up to date – there are opportunities that open up every day and you don’t want to miss an opportunitiy with an outdated portfolio. Celebrate your accomplishments and keep your profile up to date.

We are super excited you are here and look foward to watching your career soar.

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