Canvas Recruit + PBA Partner For Beacon 2021

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How to upload your canvas portfolio to your Beacon application:


We are so excited to share that Canvas Recruit is teaming up with the Professional Beauty Association for Beacon 2021! All Beacon applicants must now include their Canvas Recruit Portfolio.  Why is this amazing?! Because we know that your canvas portfolio will empower you to show up as the best version of yourself. You’ll be able to share your “why” and create a connection like never before. Your passion got you to cosmetology school but your purpose will drive your success throughout your career.

Your Canvas Portfolio is your professional, digital resume, and will help you shine during the Beacon application process and for the rest of your beauty career.

PBA’s Beacon is an elite program for students that provides top beauty industry students with a unique opportunity to gain career insights from leading beauty influencers and network with owners from the most prestigious salons across the United States.

Designed to inspire and prepare students for a successful career, the Beacon program accepts a limited number of applicants each year.

Follow your path to success! Apply to Beacon 2021 for the opportunity to join the best and brightest students in the industry.

You’ll be able to:

Connect with Mentors

At Beacon, you’ll connect with some of our industry’s top experts, salon and spa owners, and influencers.

Be Inspired

As a Beacon student, you will be a VIP guest at the International Salon + Spa Expo in Long Beach and attend the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA).

Professional Guidance

Meet and network with the most influential professionals in the industry to help inspire and prepare you for your new career.

Elevate Your Career

Beacon students gain national recognition and access to a network of thousands of top salons across the U.S.

How to apply for Beacon 2021:

How to upload your canvas portfolio to your Beacon application:

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