Canvas Recruit Partners With Pravana Artist Neal Malek For The Latest Mentorship Opportunity

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Neal Malek @nealmhair is a member of the Pravana Collective and based in Orlando, Florida/LA. Neal is also the winner of Pravana’s 2016 “Show Us Your Vivids” contest. He is a master of vibrant color and more. One super lucky beauty pro will have the chance to spend a few hours with Neal and take away amazing education and inspiration. You and Neal will be going to go to the morse museum of art where we will draw inspiration from all of its cool Tiffany art and stained glass pieces! Then, you will go back to Neal’s salon suite and work on painting some stained glass hairpieces (or whatever you feel inspired by!) on some hair extensions that they can take home with them! Deadline is September 10th. Create your beautiful portfolio and apply today! The is Friday, September 20th and the location is winter park, Florida.

 More about Neal: 

Most viral post: I had the opportunity to color a horse’s hair. I was doing a rainbow roots on a friend of mine, and we started talking about how we should color one of her pet’s hair so that they could match, which lead us to call her sister and asking if we could color her horse. Before we knew it, we were on our way to South Florida. I got to meet up with Chance, a 19-year-old horse. We filmed the entire process, and by the end of the day, Chance the Horse was now Chance the Unicorn. I used all cruelty-free and vegan hair color. The post was quickly spread around social media, resulting in more than 200,000 views on the video post, as well as thousands of likes on the corresponding picture.

Pro tips: Lighting is crucial. I try to take most of my pictures in natural lighting, and if it’s in the evening, I’ll ask a client to come back during the day time in order to get the best picture possible, and they are always more than willing. When my clients see I’m going the extra mile, they know that I’m taking pride in their hair. A clean background is also very important. I love coming up with a witty caption, but I also try to educate my followers with each post. Consistency is another big factor for having successful social media.

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