Canvas Connections with Nina Tulio; Grow yourself, Grow your business.

Canvas Connections with Nina Tulio; Grow yourself, Grow your business.
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We sat down with Nina Tulio, former salon owner, and international salon coach to talk metrics, mindset, and growth. After 23 years in the beauty space and hosting countless coaching sessions with thousands of salons around the world Nina, has some awesome advice to share.

1. What metrics (Key Performance Indicators) should you monitor when setting benchmarks for yourself and why are they important?

Nina lays down a whole lot of good info here. She starts by saying, Goal setting, in general, is the key factor to success, in fact, “If you are goal setting you are TEN times more likely to achieve life and business goals.”

Here are the metrics (Key Performance Indicators) hairstylists should be measuring according to Nina:

Service sales:

How many services are you selling?

Goal: increase service sales 10-30% year over year

Retail to service:

How much retail are you selling?

Calculation: Service Sales x 10% = Retail to service


$2,000 (service sales) x .10 (10%) = $200

$2,000 (service sales) x .12(12%) = $240

$2,000 (service sales) x .15(15%) = $300

So, if someone that does $2,000 in service sales wants to hit a 10% retail to service percentage, they would have to sell $200 retail. If they wanted to do 12 % retail to service they would have to sell $240 in retail sales and so on.

Goal: shoot for 10-12%, hustlers can shoot for the stars at a goal of 15%

Average Ticket:

On average how much each client is generating.

Calculation: $Service total in dollars/# of clients

Client Retention:

Nina reminds us to “focus on the guests you have. You’ve spent money to get them in. Make sure you keep them.”


Retain at least 50% of your new clients.

Retail at least 75-85% of your existing clients.


% booked for the day/week/month

Calculation: Hours Booked/total hours in the shift

Goal: 85% productive

Nina reminds us that there are a ton of other metrics, however, focusing on these are a great start.


2. What metric should new stylists focus on?

Nina says pre-booking all the way. New artists, and really, all artists, need to get into the habit of pre-booking every client. Common misconceptions about pre-booking are that pre-booking comes across as being “salesy.” Nina encourages us to change our mindset – pre-booking is in the best interest of the client so they can maintain their beautiful hair and get on your schedule before you’re booked up. It’s also the difference of a full (or empty) book when you look 6 weeks ahead. Pre-booking is a way to secure your future productivity and $, because, bills.

We chime in and recap this info – be reactive, not proactive and pre-book. Check.

Also, these metrics seem like a lot, but it takes one session of sitting down with the numbers and setting goals. Break those goals down on the daily level so you can get to the salon every day excited to hit or beat those goals. Slay.

Nina talks to us about how her tracking sheet has already helped a beauty pro hit $100,000 in 1 year. Nina’s life-changing free tracking sheet can be found here:


3. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make that deteriorate their growth?

Nina’s answer – Instagram. “People are focusing on the number of followers they have, instead of worrying about the clients they have in their chair…. People are equating success to the number of followers they have.”  In a nutshell, more followers doesn’t necessarily mean more success (although it can). Keep that in mind the next time you are scoping out your competition on Insta. Focus your effort and energy on providing the best experience possible for the guest that’s already in your salon first and foremost. Nina has tons of clients who own busy salons without a 100K following.

We respond and agree by saying, ultimately if you provide an outstanding salon experience it will spill over into social media when clients share that experience. We also know that engagement versus followership is key. What is 100k followers with 5 likes? Insert shoulder shrug emoji.

Nina finishes up by saying there ARE a lot of her clients who are getting 3-5 new clients a week from Instagram. They know how to engage with their audience and they know exactly who their target client is. They are posting at least twice a day and creating content on a regular basis. Content creation tip number 1, take before and after shots. Most stylists are forgetting to take “the money shot.” Nina recommends adding 10 minutes to your appointments to make sure you can get those money shots.

So while she believes in social media and leveraging it to attract new clients and show off your work, she doesn’t want you to get stuck on numbers of followers and instead to focus on providing a great experience while offering engaging content on social.

4. How can an artist continue to do what they love without getting burned out?

Nina recommends a few things:

– 1 “shutdown day”: turn everything off and disconnect for 1 day.

– Self-care: beauty pros are so busy taking care of everyone else that they often forget to take care of themselves. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Taking care of yourself helps you show up for the world as your best self.

– Education: because you “can’t do the same bob over and over again.” Going to classes break you from your creative rut and revive your creativity.

We say ditto. We are super big on self-love. No one likes to be around over committed stressed out people. Taking some time to reconnect will take you leaps and bounds ahead. Educational events have not only helped us creatively think of new ideas but have created invaluable connections that we would not have otherwise made.

5. What is your ask?

Nina’s on a mission to inspire people to change their mindset. A mentor once told Nina “This industry is not about hair; It’s 20% about hair and 80% about how you make people feel.”

Nina is passionate about helping stylists go beyond the services they provide (because yes, you have to be a great stylist first) and help them understand the importance of a positive mindset and how that translates to the person sitting in their chair. Positive mindset = leveling up behind the chair.

“Grow yourself, grow your business.”

We couldn’t agree more Nina.


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