6 Tips To Nailing Your Salon Interview

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Gene Juarez Salons & Spas

Interviewing for a salon or spa can be super intimidating, but with these tips from our friends at Gene Jaurez Salons & Spas, you’ll be more than prepared to slay your interview and land the role that you are perfect for.

Preparing for a salon or spa interview can be daunting but the beauty industry offers many amazing opportunities and we know it’s well worth the effort needed to land the role of your dreams. Being a beauty professional can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling career paths you could choose.


Here are 6 tips that will definitely give you an edge during your next salon interview:

Stick With It:

Gene Juarez Salons & Spas

The interview and audition process can be longer than a normal job application process. See it through to the end.

Know the Brand (Do Your Homework):

Come to the interview prepared. Gene Juarez places a high value on its Pillars and Values. You should also familiarize yourself with Gene Juarez’s service menu and retail products.

Give the Answer Behind the Question:

Interviewers don’t ask simple yes or no questions – they want to dig deeper and figure out what kind of team member you will be/what value you add.

Know What You Are Looking For:

Knowing what you want from the opportunity and being clear about that in the interview will alleviate any potential confusion during the hiring process.

Be Yourself:

We place a high value on individuality and honoring our commonalities and differences. Be yourself and let your spirit shine through!

Commitment to Service:

Gene Juarez is all about impeccable service and guest experience. Come prepared to discuss how you envision and work to provide exemplary service to our guests.

Oh and if you don’t nail your interview, don’t give up and keep trying. Like with anything, practice makes perfect. The more interviews you do the better you will get. If this is your purpose and you’re completely dedicated to growing your craft, you will find the right salon or spa.

Good luck to those looking for salon and spa jobs and thank you to the Talent Acquisition team at Gene Juarez for the great tips. If you don’t know about Gene Juarez you should. They have 10 incredible salon and spa locations in Washington and their Talent Acquisition team is top-notch.

Oh and make sure to check out these current Gene Juarez opportunities.

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