5 Tips To Consider When Hiring Artists For Your Salon

5 Tips To Consider When Hiring Artists For Your Salon
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One of the more challenging aspects of being a salon owner is the process of hiring artists, which can seem like a difficult task. Not just because the responsibility can be very time-consuming but also because there’s so much riding on the potential employees’ skill set. Qualities like their ability to cut hair, sell retail, as well as their attitudes and work ethic, will influence every aspect of your business, from client retention numbers to brand perception and so on. So whether you’re hiring an assistant fresh out of cosmetology school or a 12-year beauty industry veteran, the importance of bringing in the right staff into your salon is paramount.

So, to share some real-life hiring tips for you guys, Jen and I had the chance to speak with our friend and amazing human, Manny Rolon. Manny is a Founder at the Silver Vine Room salon in Summit NJ, Co-founder at hu.MANE, and a NAHA & HVA5 winner. Manny recently opened the salon earlier this year so we thought it was a perfect time to chat about what he looks for when hiring artists of all levels.

What characteristics do you look for when hiring recent cosmetology school graduates?

As it pertains to hiring recent cosmetology school graduates I look for someone who is coachable, a team player and ambitious. I’m never overly concerned with the school they attended, accolades they achieved or classes they took as much as I am concerned with are they an open or a closed book.

What characteristics do you look for when hiring seasoned artists?

When hiring a seasoned artist I tend to look for humility, continued education, and positivity. I think it is easy to only consider the difficulties that our industry offers us and use them in a negative fashion, so I intentionally keep a close eye on if they are selling lemons or lemonade.

What type of business knowledge do you look for in potential new hires? Do you look for specific metrics including individual retail sales, frequency of visit, client retention etc.?

When hiring someone new I don’t really look for too much of a business background, but someone who is concerned with their own personal performance is essential. I do look for a few performance metrics and or teach them how to pay attention to those metrics. I use % of time booked, % of clients retailed to and average service ticket to help coach people on some of the metrics I use for my own personal growth.

Is salon software education a must when hiring new salon staff?

I do feel that having a basic understanding of how to navigate salon software is essential. Anyone I have ever hired has to know their way around the whole salon pretty well because you never know where you may be needed.

How do you determine if a potential new hire is a cultural fit for your salon?

I typically invite candidates out for coffee and just engage in a normal conversation and not such a rigid interview style meeting. If he or she is able to keep cool and maintain a positive energy, chances are they will fit our crew. I really just use emotional intelligence to decipher who is fit for our salon (side note: Jen and I will be discussing the benefits of emotional intelligence in upcoming posts, so stay tuned for more). Once we are able to loosen up and exchange ideas, I ask my most important question; what is your dream? And don’t just tell me the safe and convenient answer but the one that makes you slightly uncomfortable. The one that is absolutely ridiculous, because you think it’s so out of reach. Tell me that dream. If they are willing to share that answer, then they are a dreamer just like we are.

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