5 Tips For Creating A Killer Bio On Canvas Recruit

5 Tips For Creating A Killer Bio On Canvas Recruit
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Ah, the dreaded bio. I don’t know what it is about bio’s that make me so anxious. I think, in its simplest form, fear of writing about yourself in a positive light. Society has this weird way of making you feel like positive self-talk is a form of egotism – but if you’ve been following me on my journey (here), you already know that the process of self-love and confidence will energetically attract more positivity. So flaunt what your momma gave ya and show everyone what you’re bringing to the table.

But, how many people will actually read your bio, anyway? Glad you asked.

The answer is a lot. More importantly, though, there will be different people reading it like, owners, managers, execs at brands like Redken or Pulp Riot, students, educators, recruiters and of course, other beauty professionals; so you want it to be ready for anyone to read it.

While work history and KPI’s are awesome components that can make you more marketable, your bio is something you will leverage all of the time, especially while you’re networking – so make it memorable.

Here are some tips when writing your bio for Canvas Recruit:

1. The Basics

State your name, current position, what you do. While your current position showcases your role, what you do comes from an emotional space. ok, so you’re a hair stylist – but what do you do on a daily basis? Do you make people feel like the best version of themselves? Do you inspire people to make bold moves and follow their dreams? As a front desk professional, do you help your boss feel more organized and focus on bringing in more revenue? As an esthetician do you help your guests be in a full mindful state of relaxation while offering the best retail items?

2. List accomplishments and/or awards.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any well-known beauty awards –  even the smallest accomplishments matter. Did you do something in beauty school that got you noticed? Did you get a job right out of school by being persistent and calling that same salon day after day? Did you attend every beauty show in your area to make impactful connections? Are you amazing at social media and established an engaged following by talking about your craft? There is something that you have already accomplished – sit down, give it some thought and start writing.

3. Story tell with Purpose.

Describe your purpose and how it impacts/drives you in your career. You must have some kind of story behind why it is you landed in this career. Something that resonates at your core – remember that time you decided to go to beauty school? Go back to that place, and tell your story from a place of authenticity and emotion.

Remember, people reading your bio are people, and people like stories. Stories provide readers with insight about you, your passions and your dreams. Why are you so passionate about being in this industry and what led you here?

Mark Bustos set up in his garage during high school to cut friend’s hair. Ted Gibson shares stories about wanting to brush people’s hair while his dad was not happy about his only son doing hair. As you can see, these stories are not only memorable but they help form a connection with Mark and Ted.

4. Discuss your mission or a goal you want to achieve throughout your career. 

What do you hope to accomplish throughout career? This gives the reader some insight on the steps you may need to take to get you there. Hiring you or collaborating with you may make sense as the next logical order to achieving your goal.

5. Be Human.

Being Authentic and emotionally connecting with your audience is super important when creating a memorable bio. Add a personal story, humor and/or hobbies to add flavor to your bio.  This is super important so that you can make sure you land a role/connect with people that resonate with who you are. What do you do when you’re not working? Are you part of charitable organizations?  Are you a spirit junkie, yogi, artist? Do you paint or restore furniture in your free time? Are you a superstar gamer and spend your weekends on twitch? Jot it down and connect with your reader.


In summary, we found this pretty cool about us statement on Silver Vine Room Salon’s website – while it’s not a persons bio, it does a great job of humanizing the type of vibe you would expect at Silver Vine room. Their mentions of good energy, confidence, happiness, humility, growth all present a deep sense of purpose and passion.

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