4 Good Reasons Barbershop Owners need Canvas Recruit

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Long gone are the days of the Help wanted sign at your shop. Canvas Recruit was built to empower you to make the best hiring decisions. We also want to flood you with tons of qualified candidates.

1. Get rid of toxic employees quicker and be ready when an employee leaves your salon or spa.

Long gone are the days toxic employees ruining your culture. Not only are toxic employees frustrating but they take everyone down with them. Canvas Recruit will empower you to say goodbye to those that just don’t want to be there while saying hello to your next superstar.

2. Find the right culture fit

Canvas Recruit is an empowering tool when it comes to finding the right culture fit. Canvas Portfolios showcase:

– Candidates work – visually see their work
– Key Performance metrics – are they good with goals?
– Videos & bio – what is their personality like?
– Software – can you hire someone that already knows how to work the software you are using?

3. Save time and money

Visually browsing these portfolios will help you make better decisions about who you want to spend time bringing in for an interview. Canvas Portfolios are helping barber pro’s better represent themselves. While you may have overlooked a quality professional in the past (because they were struggling to create a word doc of their work) you will now have all the information you need to make a recruitment decision – and all on one beautiful page.

4. Connect and post opportunities

Barbershop Business owners need a canvas too, after all, you need to sell why high-quality candidates want to work for you. Create your canvas and connect with the beautiful people in our industry. Create opportunities and find your people.

Barbers Needed Opportunity on Canvas Recruit

Barbers Needed Opportunity on Canvas Recruit


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