3 Career changing reasons Cosmetology Students should get on Canvas Recruit

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Dear Beauty Student,

Canvas Recruit is on a mission to empower beauty students everywhere. No longer stress about the resume creation process. We have your back. Answer some questions, upload some photos and publish a beautiful representation of yourself – getting you hired for the opportunity of your dreams.

1.Create your digital portfolio

Work on your beautiful digital portfolio during school and use your link to apply for the career opportunity of your dreams.

Cosmetology Student Canvas Portfolio

2.Network like a boss

Network and send business owners your portfolio BEFORE you graduate.

3. Apply for backstage or mentorship opportunities

Canvas Recruit isn’t just about full-time opportunities. We want to create a world of opportunity for backstage, photoshoot and mentorship opportunities. Create your canvas and apply.

Mentorship beauty opportunity with Canvas Recruit

4. Apply for Full-Time Opportunities and land the job with your Canvas Portfolio

No longer worry about creating the average mundane resume. Answer questions, sync with your insta page (or not), upload photos and videos and click submit. Then use that portfolio to stand out and get the job of your dreams. cha-ching.


Salon Job Opportunity on Canvas Recruit


Creating your Canvas free… For now. Use promo Code CRFriends.

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